The impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the globe

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the globe

Global trade has certainly been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. But while this pandemic is a difficult challenge for any business to overcome, it’s unquestionably possible to come out the other side in a better position. By having a thorough COVID-19 marketing strategy, you can successfully manage the crisis and engage your target market to its fullest potential.

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Add the FASTR framework to your COVID-19 marketing plan

With almost no one prepared for the problems created by a global pandemic, most companies have been forced into an abrupt response. To help you see the way forward, we’ve put together the FASTR framework, which will assist your COVID-19 marketing strategy over the next few months. Here, we’ve outlined some easy-to-follow suggestions as you work towards implementing each step.

First Understand

F = First Understand

To gain insight into how your customers view COVID-19 and how that relates to your business, utilise social listening and tracking tools. You can also accomplish this by reaching out to your partners and customers directly to learn how you can best respond to their concerns.

This key information helps shape your messaging around the pandemic, which can lead to increased brand value. By using value-added content to your advantage, you can boost your engagement and expand your customer base.


A = Adapt

If you’re worried your current digital marketing strategy isn’t working, it’s time you adjust your angle. But to market effectively to your target market, you’ll first need to understand your customers’ behaviour during this unusual time. Choose the ideal social listening tools and research the answer to these questions: when is your customer base online and when do they want to receive an update?

To create a digital marketing strategy that factors in consumer behaviour during COVID-19, you’ll also want to know about the online shopping habits and engagement rate of your audience. If your content utilises this data properly, you can drastically increase trade and minimise bounce rate.


S = Sensitive

There’s a lot of fear and confusion circling the globe right now, so it’s essential to deliver your brand’s message with an appropriate tone of voice. This is because consumer behaviour has dramatically shifted, so your business should too. Deliver your messages with a strong sense of understanding, sincerity and sensitivity. This can lead to increased brand image as your customers see you as someone that cares and can provide solutions.

Marketing messages to avoid during COVID-19:

  • Don’t cram your products into every message (hard sell)
  • Never dodge your customers during the decision-making process
  • You shouldn’t push your customers to buy when they are deciding on a product
  • Don’t be overly restrictive on payment methods or price reductions

T = Transparent

In a crisis as serious as COVID-19, customers are going to expect your business to communicate transparently with them. You can expect to field more queries than usual, so ensure you can provide detailed responses to customer questions.

Create a shopping experience that goes above and beyond your competitors by making the most of client feedback and social listening data. You should always strive to keep your customers up-to-date on changes to your company; this shows you appreciate these challenging circumstances and are there to help.

Rise Above

R = Rise Above

The best way to keep on top of the COVID-19 situation is to pay attention to the changing landscape and generate an appropriate response. It’s understandable if you’re worried about the future of your business, but by making informed decisions, you can navigate these uncertain times.

Alongside your customers and business partners, looking after your team should be a top priority. Working from home is one way to keep everyone safe, although this could have an impact on your operations. But with the appropriate preparation, you can easily offset any negative consequences.

Use digital tools that foster clear communication, collaboration and productivity amongst your team. You should also develop strategies to reward high-quality work during these stressful times. Meanwhile, your customers will appreciate it when you provide clear updates and have streamlined automated processes in place. Backed by the ideal digital marketing strategy and mindset, your business can thrive during this unprecedented time.

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