A reputable Google Adwords agency in Saigon Vietnam

A reputable Google Adwords agency in Saigon Vietnam

We place your message in front of the people you want to see it with effective Google Ads management. With a well structured and targeted Google Ads campaign, you’ll have more of the right people interacting with your products and services. Starting with a detailed approach, we look at the search terms used by your potential customers down to exactly where they’re hanging out online. Our creatives and targeting are crafted to win over the people that matter most to your brand. Let us build relevancy to your customers that are in buy mode, and get them moving from decision to conversion. Being a certified Google Partner, we’re your top choice for a Google Ads agency in Vietnam.

Data-driven Google Ads services in Vietnam

Data-driven Google Ads services in Vietnam

Let Primal expand your reach and bring you the right prospective customers. With our Google Ads management and Pay-Per-Click campaign services, we land your brand in the right advertising spaces. We look at how people are interacting online and combine it with technology and deep optimization knowledge to move the metrics that matter. With Google remarketing, we’ll get your prospective customers to stop scrolling, pick up the phone or return to your website again and again. Our paid media efforts ensure your ads are where they need to be along with a dedicated support team behind your campaign to guide you from start to finish.

Google Display Ads with our pay-per-click agency in Vietnam

Google Display Ads with our pay-per-click agency in Vietnam

Google Display Ads cover 90% of internet users, with a range of advertising mediums. We’ll work with you to select the right formats, creatives and segmentation to maximise your spend. We take the power of Google’s Display Network and map your brand with a strategy to identify the best channels to place you to reach new and returning audiences. With our team working with Google daily, we take the guesswork out when it comes to set-up, pricing and ad management, allowing you to focus on creating a great experience for your increased leads, bookings and sales.

Bespoke video campaigns crafted in our Google Ads agency in Vietnam

Bespoke video campaigns crafted in our Google Ads agency in Vietnam

Visuals and video storytelling are impacting brands more than ever. Stand out against still images or text ads with a well crafted video campaign. Let us carve out your competitive advantage and bring a more engaged and interactive audience to you. Our creative and data teams combine effective messaging and targeting to create high performance video marketing campaigns. Work with out PPC agency in Vietnam today.

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"In this fast technologically advancing world, we believe in getting back to the basics to what really works to help make your business an online success. We are digital marketers. We are Primal."

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A Pay-Per-Click campaign if designed and targeted correctly can have a significant impact on your business. You will be driving desired traffic to your brand helping you generate more leads and conversions at a fraction of the cost of a less targeted campaign. With our Google Ads management system we can infiltrate into the key demographics in Vietnam and target the specific age and gender; See how they perform in that particular ad group, then adjust our potential demographics accordingly. Whenever someone searches for your product, rest assured that yours will be the first brand to show up on SERP.

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