Get noticed with Facebook marketing

Get noticed with Facebook marketing

Connect with your audience on one of Vietnam’s leading social media platforms. Develop meaningful brand relationships and exposure to your key audience with Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns. Our social media agency in Ho Chi Minh will work with you to refine your messaging, perfect your targeting and build beautiful, objective-based digital marketing. Our Facebook specialists will determine the best way for you to harness Facebook’s platform from brand awareness to purchase.

Showcase your brand on Instagram

Showcase your brand on Instagram

Instagram marketing and ads has defined itself as a key player in the social media marketing mix. A highly engaged audience with visual consumption front and centre allows brands to market natively. Dominate with Instagram’s engaged audience and win them over with beautiful content creation. Our social media agency in Vietnam is well versed in Instagram as a marketing tool and will highlight the best your brand has to offer, curating an end-to-end Instagram marketing campaign.

Make an impact on YouTube

Make an impact on YouTube

Welcome to the Internet’s second largest online search engine; Youtube. With 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and more than a billion active users, the platform is effectively a digital marketing site. Our Social media agency in Saigon can advise and create your brand meaningful high-definition content that will maximise your presence online and forge strong connections with your customers.

Convert B2B audiences with LinkedIn

Convert B2B audiences with LinkedIn

Utilise Linkedin’s professional business platform to capture the B2B market. Linkedin engages a corporate audience that prioritises relevant content, connections and network. Leverage this credible digital marketing space to reach business and technology natives with targeted content at the right stage.

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Huvafen Fushi Maldives |

Primal work with Huvafen Fushi Maldives to enhance the luxury resort's SEO, PPC and social strategy, to reach, engage and convert more customers. The successful campaign hit its target: a significant boost in fan acquisition and engagement.

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"In this fast technologically advancing world, we believe in getting back to the basics to what really works to help make your business an online success. We are digital marketers. We are Primal."

Team Primal
Social Media Agency

Why Social?

Social media content advertising is the closest marketing channel as you could get to ‘speaking the same language’ as your potential customers. Through a powerful campaign, you can easily entice them to convert. Results show that in a population of about 96 Million people in Vietnam that are online, 57 million of them are active social media users.

Partner with our thought-leading agency and make the most out of your brand online. With Primal’s data-driven, forward-thinking and strategic approach to different projects, we’re able to uniquely leverage and evolve your brands through today’s social communications platforms. We’re here to help you shine across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more with our digital marketing campaigns.

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